Welsh Folk Songs
Myfanwy Op 18
Ar Lân y Môr  Op 19
Dafydd y Garreg Wen  Op 20
Y Deryn Pur  Op 21

Settings of part of St David’s final sermon, in both Welsh and English.

A varied cycle of choral songs that look at the delights and questions of life.

A simple setting of a poem by John Clare for choir and organ.

This poem, in translation from the Navajho original, seem likes a herald of nature in its sincerity and joyous resignation, and which, for me, perfectly creates the mood of a person who knows themselves and their role in life, both being in perfect harmony with nature, within beauty.
A short ‘in memoriam’ piece to remember a former student of mine.


A cycle of spirituals that creates a longer continuous item for choir programmes.
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