Reveries & False Hums Op 24

for Baritone and Ensemble Op 24

Instrumentation: Fl/(Picc); Cl (Bb)/(Bass); Vl; Vc: Piano/Harpsichord/Synthesiser

Duration: 25 minutes

Date of Composition: 2009/2010 revised 2014


Poems:     (full texts are included in the score)

1. Fame blazed upon me
2. I hid my love
3. Where she told her love
4. The Flitting
5. Left Alone
6. Clock-a-Clay
7. ‘Tis Martinmass
8. Song – I wish I was where I would be
9. An Invite to Eternity

Programme Note, further details, texts, and samples of pages of the music, are all available from the score. 

Play audio, then click on ‘Enable Full Screen’ to view the score in a new window.

I hid my Love

Left Alone

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