Shadows of a Music Box Op 11

Part I  –  “… the margin of eternity …”

Instrumentation: Violin; Piano.

Duration:16 minutes

Date of Composition: 2004 rev 2007

Performance: Antony Tarlton – Violin; Christopher Davies  –  Piano

Bradenstoke Hall, St Donats Castle, Atlantic College MusicFest, Saturday 19th March 2005

Programme Note, further details of this work, and samples of pages of the music, are all available from the score.

This score replaces Sonata for Violin and Piano, Op 11, the original version of Part 1.

Play audio, then click on ‘Enable Full Screen’ to view the score in a new window.

Part II – “The Hour of Lead” – for Concertante Oboe, Strings, Harp & Percussison

Part III – “the world’s question” – for Soloists, Chorus & Orchestra


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